How Do i support quiet music?

1) Post about quiet music you hear or see live and use the hashtag #supportquietmusic. 

2) Create a spotify playlist of your favorite quiet music and use the hashtag in the description. 

3) Directly support the Quiet Music you love: 

  • Go to shows and invite friends to go with you 
  • Follow bands/artists who make quiet music on socials, Spotify and other streaming platforms 
  • Buy their albums and any other merchandise they offer (in a moment when music is mostly streamed, these other merch items help bands stay in business) 
  • Ask your local radio station to play them 
  • Host a listening party where you invite your friends to share quiet music they love 
  • Send a specific and encouraging note to a band you enjoy...every little bit helps! 

These are just a handful of ideas, but you can probably come up with even more great ways to support the quiet music you love!

For SQM stickers, click here

For SQM stickers, click here