For over twelve years Lowland Hum has been a landing strip for your lesser-loved emotions. You can go listen to all of that if you like; eight albums, several EPs, et cetera.

They aren't slowing down. Except metaphysically. They also go to bed early now. Unless riveted by a conversation. For connection alone, they might give up sleep forever.

Lauren and Daniel Goans are into DIY. They make their own music and art. They are also big fans of collaboration.

In 2017, Lowland Hum cofounded Golden Hour, a new kind of live music experience, with David Wax Museum. Golden Hour has been lauded as “a revelation” and has been compared to psychoactive experiences. No substances other than sound, however, are administered. They would like to assure you it feels more like a hug than a trip.

Lowland Hum leads workshops on songwriting and collaboration.
Daniel produces albums for other artists.
You can support their work on patreon.




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