For a very small fee* Lowland Hum will record a video of themselves singing a custom song and will send it to the recipient of your choosing.** Send one to your friend, your lover, your mom, your cat, your teacher, even yourself! We won't judge, we're all about self-love here. 

*Fill out the form below to receive a link to pay for your song. 

**You must submit your order a full three days before your preferred date of delivery to ensure a timely delivery. 

***Custom songs may or may not contain elements of traditional song structures (i.e. choruses, rhymes, repeated sections etc.) and may vary in length. Songs may also contain some repeated sections from other Send-A-Song songs but there will always be new material in each Send-A-Song! 


For $10, we'll send a video of one or both of us singing a customized rendition of "Happy Birthday" to the recipient of your choosing. Expect flourishes and harmonies, and maybe a flickering birthday candle* in the foreground.  Make sure to tell whose birthday it is, and if their name is tricky to pronounce, phonetic notes are appreciated (no one likes having their name mispronounced, especially on their birthday). 

*inclusion of birthday candle is dependent upon our access to bday candles at the time of filming. 


For $35, we will send the recipient a video of one or both of us singing a custom song celebrating (or contemplating) the occasion of your choosing. Anniversary? Death of a classroom pet hamster? Dissertation defended? New haircut? Bad new haircut? No occasion is too grand or obscure. 


For $40, we will send the recipient a video of Daniel making up a song on the spot, loosely based on a theme of your choosing (subject to approval). It could be a song about your dog, or about a place you love, or about the recipient's love of dinosaurs, or about your childhood bedroom, or about the concept of forgetfulness -- it could be about anything that you can summarize in 150 characters or less in the form below (again, subject to approval). He will incorporate/use your notes as a starting point, but be warned, once he starts, his mind could go anywhere. If you love yourself a meandering, silly, potentially profound and emotive stream-of-consciousness song, this one's your best bet. The direction and form it takes cannot be pre-determined, and it will certainly be influenced by his mood, the food he has most recently consumed, how his clothes are fitting, and the quality of the air the day the video is recorded. 

**We've had a number of requests that don't fit into the above choices and would be more appropriately described as commissions. Please email us at if you would like to explore the idea of commissioning us to write an original song for you. We will consider all requests but, just fyi, the fees and details for this kind of project would be significantly different from those of Send-A-Song. 

Fill out the form below and, once you've submitted, visit the purchase links at the bottom of this page to pay for your tune. Payment must be received before we can begin work on your submission. Thank you for understanding.


submission form

To pay for your tune, select your song type below: 

1. Happy Birthday: or Venmo $10 @Daniel-Goans (including your song type in the notes)

2. Special Occasion Song: or Venmo $35 @Daniel-Goans (including your song type in the notes)

3. Custom Extemporaneous Song: or Venmo $40 @Daniel-Goans (including your song type in the notes)

Send-A-Song Header Photo by Savannah Faith Photography