quarantine offerings

During this unprecedented time, we've loved observing the various creative ways people are finding to remain together. We have created some special "Quarantine Offerings" that we hope serve two purposes:

1. We hope they bring some light and cheer to your days while things feel uncertain and, at times, frightening and lonely.

2. With cancellations and postponements rolling in, these offerings will help us fill in the gaps, both in time and money. We can't overstate what a help each bit is right now.

If you simply want to donate to help us out, THANK YOU! The yellow paypal donation button below will get you there. 

Hire Lauren for vocals

Over the past ten years, Lauren has lent her dulcet tones to many other people's recordings. During this unusual and isolating time, we are excited to collaborate. You can hire Lauren to sing on your album, and/or write and arrange harmonies for your recording. Between the internet and our fully functional new home studio, we are able to record and send high quality files directly to you without risk of contamination, so let's do this thing. Email us at lowlandhum@gmail.com for rates and scheduling. Let's collaborate from afar!

Private 3 song Performance

You pick the songs and we will sing them directly to you across the airwaves (we use zoom - free of cost to you). 

Paypal $200 to lowlandhum@gmail.com.

Upon receipt of payment we will email you to schedule your private concert!

Please choose three songs from the list below:

I Will (Beatles Cover), This Will Be Our Year (Zombies Cover), A Drive Through The Countryside, Salzburg Summer, Slow, Waite, In Darkness, Eye In The Sky, We're All Waiting, Friction, Winter Grass, Folded Flowers, Palm Lines, Vedauwoo, In Flight, Adonai, Rolling and Rolling, Nightdriving, Olivia, Odell, Four Sisters (Part One), How Long, Noise of Day, Linens, White Stone, Pocket Knife, Albatross, War Is Over, Ballad of Saudade...